4th of July

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We were lucky enough to celebrate our first 4th of July this year in the US (to be more precise: Ocean Isle Beach, NC).

It was amazing to see how everyone comes together to celebrate this beautiful country and the BRAVE people that made it possible.

Ocean Isle Beach had a golf cart parade. The carts were decorated with all kinds of different themes, there was a Finding Dory cart, a Halloween cart, a candy cart, a Hawaiian cart, a snoopy cart, a pirate ship cart, a fighting ship cart but most of the carts were decorated with the American flag and colors.

These carts drove along the main street and provided a lot of entertainment for the masses standing in the blazing sun to celebrate the joyous occasion. The people on the carts also threw sweets and treats for all the children, this was an obvious favorite for the little ones and made the heat more bearable.

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Everyone at the beach was dressed in RED,WHITE and BLUE, so patriotic! Even the foreigners wore the American flag on their clothes. The store fronts were decorated, the houses draped in the colors while the flags were hanging high and proud off all the roofs. You can see pride exuding from everyone’s pores.

Later that evening, as far as your eye could see the sky lit up with fireworks. Their colors and glows reflecting off the rolling waves of the vast Atlantic ocean was a truly magical sight. I always find the bright colors and loud explosions of the fireworks somehow so comforting. We were entertained for hours, you could look in any direction and you would see a family trying their best to out do their neighbor with an even bigger and louder bang than the next . We drove down to the beach and along the way down we went past so many pop up stores selling fireworks and each one more affordable than the next, so after that we were not surprised to see that many families setting off fireworks that weekend.

Anyone that knows me, knows I LOVE lights, fairy lights, outdoor lights, fireworks, actually any light, so you can just imagine my excitement.


Next year I want to be more American, meaning: go even bigger and better! But I will say this – these Americans know how to celebrate their country, their lifestyle and the people protecting it!



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