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Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

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So my husband went on a fishing trip for 4 days. Well deserved "boys weekend" but leaving this mother in a panic! What to do, what to do??

Besides the absolute norm of junk food and no rules...with a 21month old - just kidding, or am I? I also received a package from Nespresso (a little "pick me up" from me to me) AND an absolute spoil package from my parents all the way from South Africa. A great start to this long weekend alone!

I decided to take my little bundle of joy to the Wee Houses at the DSBG, I have been threatening to go all summer and this particular weekend was the last weekend of the exhibition.


The DSBG is a 35min drive from our house and the whole way there I was hoping the gardens will be worth it. To my surprise...What an unbelievably beautiful setting. Everywhere you looked there were green trees, shrubs, colorful flowers and water fountains and so much more. Pretty might be an understatement.

There was a wedding on whilst we were exploring the gardens and I can understand why, all the "nooks and crannies", and little hide aways make for beautiful photos.


There were 12 Wee Houses scattered around the gardens and along the tarred walkways, each one more different than the other and some of them you have to look for like a scavenger hunt, so much fun. You could hear children giggle from far away as they played in the different Wee Houses. We loved following the map provided at the reception desk, we also did not mind getting a little lost as everywhere you look was so pretty.

Here are some photos of the houses:




This one would have been my husband's favorite and possible the blue print of our next house.


This one is made of mirrors and really plays tricks on your mind.


This house was my daughter's favorite and we had to return to this house a few times. I think it was because the sun touched the top of the house in such a way as to light up the whole house and a breeze filtered in through the open slits. A beautiful sight, even from far away.



The Wee Houses exhibition was not at all what I expected but perfect in its own way. I would recommend attending this exhibition next time for the whole family (tip: if you take a toddler/walker, remember your stroller).

Some more worthy sights at the garden includes The Orchid Conservatory, this conservatory is in a glass building. The display is so delicate and beautiful and different in every corner.

Different Gardens make up DSBG, these gardens are dedicated to different themes portraying different visuals, colors, textures and scents like: The Four Seasons Garden, The West Garden, The Cottage Garden and The Canal Garden to name but a few.

While exploring the Gardens and the beautiful water features you will also find the Lost Hollow, this part of the garden holds an open air amphitheater and a beautiful structure overlooking more beautiful gardens, fire pit and endless opportunities for kids young and old to use there imagination whilst exploring. The Lost Hollow part of the Gardens will expand and more magical spaces will be created over time. This part of DSBG is my favorite.

The DSBG also hosts organized Bird and Horticulture walks for the outdoor lovers.

The facilities of the DSBG include a Garden Store, Wine Nook, Picnic areas and plenty of benches. There are restrooms at the beginning of the gardens and at the Orchid conservatory so if you have a little one, make sure you go before you start to explore....this is a valuable tip!

The facility can also be rented for special occasions, weddings and corporate events, the gardens are also a great backdrop for a family photo shoot or portraits.

The Garden hosts so many events throughout the year, here are two events that I am surly going to try attend:

  • Lost Hollow Music Fest Fall 2016
  • Holidays at the Gardens Christmas lights

Entrance is a little expensive at $12.95 but there are so many coupons out there for buy one adult get one adult free plus children under 2 are free. Or become a member, then entrance is free of charge.

Click on the website for more details and special events or on how to become a member:

Happy walking!

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