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Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta

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My little girl is obsessed with Finding Dory and I can’t help but think its because she saw bright beautiful fish swimming in big open fish tanks.

We visited the Georgie Aquarium this summer and I was blown away. The whole experience was amazing, from the moment of purchasing tickets over the phone until the very last second we spent in the gift shop.

Our tickets was for a Monday morning, we arrived and immediately entered the building, no need for standing in a long queue like we are use to for any worthy attraction back in South Africa.

The very first room (entrance lobby) was covered ceiling to floor with a fish tank, nothing fancy and just the normal run of the mill cute fish but boy did we have trouble moving to the next room, our daughter was infatuated with the beauty of the fish and the more we try explain to her that there are more fish to come the more her eyes widen with disbelief. We should have know how the rest of the day exploring the different rooms would go by just looking at that little face in the entrance room.

We had the most amazing time and the different fish in the different rooms and tanks was out of this world. I can see why they say this is ONE OF THE BEST Aquarium in the States (I think it should be #1).

There are otters, penguins, beluga whales, sharks, jelly fish, seahorses, nemos (clown fishes), sting rays and sea lions but to name a few. The different rooms are also themed. There is just so much to see.


We were also lucky enough to see the march of the penguins and the Dolphin  show. By this time in our day, my little girl has had a sensory overload and could barely make the last dolphin jump.

They had a food corner with tantalizing snacks (maybe a little over priced), alcoholic beverages, desserts and vending machines but to my amazement no litter anywhere. You can see that even the guests feel too proud to litter anywhere.

The gift shop is full of amazing little souvenirs and little soft toys of almost all the different kinds of fish the aquarium is hosting.

The tickets are a little expensive but so worth it, just to see that little face light up.

Parking not a problem as so many buildings surrounding the aquarium offer parking for about $10.

This is a MUST SEE attraction for the whole family. This outing will take the biggest part of your day and you even might feel like you did not see everything and will have to go back, I know we did.

Click on the link below for more details and ticket prices:

Ps. I was on the website once we returned to Charlotte only to find some amazing “extras”, they have live webcams of certain of their fish tanks. How amazing!

Plus they have venues that they rent out for special occasions including but not limited to birthday parties and weddings.

Hope you ENJOY this amazing landmark as much as we did.

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