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Movies under the Stars – SouthPark

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This is our first Summer in Charlotte, North Carolina.

We were extremely happy to welcome summer this year, as a result of us moving countries and these countries being on opposite sides of the world, we ended up having two winters in a row. All that being said, I do think now we were slightly unprepared for this summer. Summer in Charlotte gets very hot and humid. Coming from South Africa means we are accustomed to the heat but not the humidity. Walking to the car and back ensures for a steady stream of sweat to run down every part of your body. This heat starts early morning and it never seams to cool down, not even at dusk. This new found heat and humidity has placed a temporary halt on my exercise regime (no, i am not just looking for excuses! I genuinely struggle with the heat).

However, Charlotte comes alive in summer. There is an event everywhere and everyday. People want to socialize and celebrate, they want to get together and experience new things. There is some festival happening, somewhere every weekend, the watermelon festival, peach festival, Latin American festival even the sandwich festival. If you can think of something, all you need to do is just add the word festival onto it and the people will come.

We try attend as many of these events as possible and to be honest some are misses and some are hits! The hit I want to discuss today is the Movies under the Stars at SouthPark.


We attended our first “Movies under the stars” last Friday night. What an experience! We packed our blankets, camping chairs and of course our picnic basket and ventured off into the unknown, actually the SouthPark Symphony Park but we didn’t know what to expect and having a toddler added an extra bit of uncertainty.

Mister Nigel and friends started things off and provided entertainment for all the families and got everyone (young and old) singing, dancing and into a weekend spirit. Furthermore there were all kinds of activities for the children ranging from jumping castles to face painting. Amongst these busy activity stations you could find food vendors and stalls selling snacks that were perfectly made for watching an outdoor movie. Another positive was that if you needed assistance, there were security officers and event staff members everywhere ready to assist you. And the best part of it all, it was all FREE!!

The children laughed, the smell of popcorn lingered in the air, colorful blankets covered the grass field, happy faces everywhere, families playing football and kids running around with treats. Being apart of this truly magical atmosphere reminded both my husband and I of why we moved to Charlotte, North Carolina.

As dusk arrived, the band stopped playing and the blowup screen went up, everyone settle into their chairs and to my husbands enjoyment the movie Zootopia started to play.

A great family outing and I recommend this event to all families, even ones with toddlers. Our little girl could run around, lie on the blanket, spread her limbs and climb all over her parents (all things she cannot do in a movie theater).

There are only 2 more of these movie nights left so hurry and go catch one.

Movie Schedule:

August 19 – Kung Fu Panda 3 (PG)

August 26 – Peanuts (G)

For more information, click on the link below:

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