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My husband and I love experiencing new things in life and one of our favorite pass times is to visit a new restaurant, second on our “list of loves” is food and together with that: eating.
I am not ashamed to say it but we love eating!

Ever since our move to Charlotte, we try exploring the city via our stomaches, always looking out for the next restaurant to stick our teeth into. Since day one we have been noticing visuals for The Beef and Bottle all around town. Every newspaper, magazine and website’s list of the “top 10 places to eat” had the “BEEF” ranked inside the top 3. What peaks our interest even more is that we live just down the street from the “BEEF”, so it was inevitable that we would have to visit this establishment.


As first impressions go, the location of Beef and Bottle is not in the greatest part of town, the building and entrance do not scream “Fine Dining” but once you enter through the below average doors, you literally are taken back to the 60’s. You might think you snuck a ride with Marty Mcely and Doc in the DeLorean, back to 1958. You are greeted at the front desk by a gentle old soul for a Host who stands behind an old golden lamp that casts a golden light over the dark wood walls that are adorned with photos of actors and important people long forgotten.

The romantic decor seems as though it hasn’t changed much over the years, Each table is set simply with white linen, cutlery and a candle in the centre. There are booths for the more romantic and private. You can imagine the service, especially the way the Waiters conduct themselves, is similar to what you would have received 30, 40 even 50 years ago at a Fine Dining Restaurant. A Menu inspired by that era consists of appetizers such as Frogs Legs, Escargot and Lobster Bisque, Entrees of Steak, Steak and more Steak (Thats all we were worried about having for Dinner but I am sure there are loads more stunning dishes to be had), Desserts like Deep Dish Apple Pie and Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie all served in the traditional way can only but transport you back to a time where things where simpler and more romantic.


You really get that feeling that 40, 50 years ago the Mafia would meet there for typical Mafia dinner and discuss their issues and I could not help looking around from time to time to try and see this Mafia story in action. I might not have found the “Mafia” having a meeting but I did spot all the faithful regulars enjoying the familiar cozy feeling.

Beef and Bottle is on the slightly pricier side but so worth it for the experience and truly delicious menu.

Bookings required and don’t leave this to the last minute as the restaurant is generally quite booked up due to the fact it being very popular and quaint, especially over a weekend.

We just loved everything about this experience and I would recommend the “Beef and Bottle” to everyone especially when celebrating a special occasion.

Click on the link below for the menu and more details.

Happy eating!

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